GDB100/30 High Pressure Mortar Grout Pump


GDB100/30  high pressure grout pump is the special equipment of grouting cement and mortar. It is mainly used in grouting curtain, concretion grouting, anchor grouting and transporting grout and so on. The pump have strong adaptability with high density and high pressure grouting curtain and injecting mortar (diameter<2mm). They can be widely used in various and complex geological structure ,especially in the basic dealing project of the dam hydroelectric station. In addition,the pump also can be used in the drilling in the deep core as cement pump , in transporting mortar in the high pressure spurt, and in the anchor grouting in the high slope and far distance.



1.single-acting with four-cylinder,the flux is more uniform and the pressure is more steady.

2.maintenance and changing the components are convenient.

3.adopting interchangeable parts, such as link lever in the car ,bearing bush ,sheet steel in the autocycle,friction disc and so on.

4.The build-in enclosed construction which combined the clutch and the gearbox have strongly adaptability in the hard condition.

5.The plunger cavity has completely sealed,adopting oil cooler to prolong the service life of plunger sealed device.


Technical data sheet

          model                 GDB100/30
              typesingle acting pump with four-cylinder
    plunger   diameter                     45(50)mm
    rotating   speed      245r/min     173r/min
            output      128L/min     80L/min
          pressure     20(14)Mpa     30(20)Mpa
     inlet pipe diameter                        64mm
    outlet pipe diameter                        32mm
  ratio(water:ash:sand)                        1:2:2
              power                        30kw

We also have other models for your choice, such as crankshaft grout pump, anchor grout pump, high pressure variable grout pump, slurry grout pump and so on.


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