When applying the grout pump for tunnel boring machine, it is imperative to use the correct equipment to fill all the gaps and penetrate all the gaps to give the finished product the required strength, durability and waterproofing qualities. Correct application of the filler is also fundamental.

When TBM injection pump is used in tunnel drill, cement-based grouting is a proven measure to stabilize and secure the subsoil and excavated areas. Such injections place high demands on designers and contractors, as well as on mixing and grouting equipment. Consequently, the right choice of machines - for example mixing, grouting and recording units - has an important role to play in the realization of grouting projects.

GGH95 / 165PL-E grout pump for tunnel boring machine was used for tunnel drill. For GGH95 / 165PL-E high pressure injection pump, it is a horizontal hydraulic pump used for pumping fluid mixtures, such as cement grout or bentonite, etc. The grout pump for TBM adopts two pieces of high pressure pistons to stabilize the consistency of the leakage flow. The pressure and the displacement of grouting are continuously adjustable.

Mortar typically comprises a mixture of cement, sand, water with other materials such as fine gravel and accelerating mixes added occasionally and can be a difficult substance to work with if you don't have the correct equipment.

There are different types TBM grout pump for different applications and each type has unique characteristics including flow rate, setting time and pumping distance. Understanding each of these will help in selecting the most appropriate pump and manufacturing procedure. For example, the grout pump for tunnel boring machine distance should always be kept to a minimum and the hoses should be as straight as possible, but circumstances don't always allow for this, so understanding the material properties and challenges of each application is vital before making a product selection.


If you'd like to learn more about a TBM grout pump or would like expert advice on which model to choose for your grouting project, our company is happy to help. They know how important it is to have equipment that is up to the challenge and will use their years of experience in the concrete industry to find you the most appropriate, economical and efficient solution.

Grout pumps for tunnel boring machine

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