G3 Grouting Automatic Recorder


1. Integrated design, fully utilized, with the most cost-effective

2.  Combines computer technology, touch panel, parameter diaplay, setup and print, it is unnecessary to use keypad and mouse, simple and visualized, data can be transferred from computer to computer, and printed on A4 paper;

3. Digital display is visualized and simplified operating, and can records flow, pressure, density, depth and time during grouting, which can be guarantee construction quality, reduce the labor intensity of the manual operation and reduce the material waste;

4. Has two types: one-driven-one and one-driven-two, it could collect three parametr data of single-hole and double-holes major cycle grouting, flow, pressure, density instrument of all channels. Cusomers could according to demands to choose different configuration.

5. The 32 bit high-precision acquisition card with low error rate and precision at grade 0.005 has far exceeded 12 bit acquisition caard from companies. It has powerful softwarre, higly simulation interface and real-time display data during grouting pressure water.

6. It is tested by domestic authoriative measuring institution, and the measure results are internationally agreed. It has measuring precision and good resolutio even if when the injection rate is lower than 0.4L/min

7. Adopts touch panel technology, USB interface, and parallel interface.  Data could be saved in flash disc, avoide data missing;

Technical data sheet:

Precision: 0.5%

Standard pressure:  rang 0-60Mpa, precision: 0.5%

Standard flow:  rang 0-150L/min, precision: 1%

Standard density:  rang 0-2.5g/cm3, precision: 0.5%

Standard depth:  rang 0-35m, precision: 0.5%

Favorable temperature: -40 degree to 60 degree


The grouting automatic recorder is applied to curtain grouting, consolidation grouting, high pressure jet grouting, Karst grouting, GIN grouting, deep mixing cement pile, bridge pretressed grouting, highway mainteance grouting etc.





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