Gaode Equipment Co., Ltd.(short:GEC) is a leading and well-know supplier of Grout pumps and grout mixer/agitator in China.

We are an expert grout pump suppler with large product line, including Piston-Mechanical Grout Pump, Piston-Hydraulic Grout Pump, Hose pump Grout Pump, Rotor/Stator Grout pump, Pneumatic Grout pumps and Manual Grout Pump, etc. as well as the mixer&agitator for grouting.

As per customers requirements, we have been providing the customized grout products as well.

Our grout pumps have already authorized the ISO9001:2008,CE,SGS,SASO certificate. 

With Premium Grade product quality and competitive price, GEC grout pumps have been exported to the USA, Canada, India, Malaysia, Pakistan, Korea, Bahrain and Nepal,etc.

In GEC,quality control is the highest priority. Highly skilled and educated employees manufacture our products in a modern facility, incorporating C.A.D. (Computer Aided Design). Such techniques assure high quality, at a reasonable cost, with the timely delivery that our clients require. All GEC employees are also accountable for the quality of their output. Each one has the responsibility to continually search out better ways of performing their job and the authority to reject items not complying with required quality standards.

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