Cement grouting pump using compressed oil or compressed air as a power source. So the pressure cylinder can produce a higher injection pressure.

China cement grouting pump machinery by the well-known work site expert's appreciation. I produced the cement grouting pump and grouting machine and the cement grouting machine works in China. It also includes high-speed cement grouting pumps, mixers and a complete set of machines such as pumps, high-speed mixers, mixers and electric cement grouting pumps and grouting data equipment (on request). All machines are built in solid steel and rubber type (on request) for internal work.


Our company's main application of cement grouting pump is: rock grouting high pressure - hook - soil anchor - pipe pressure - soil compaction - cable bolt - construction repair - waterproof - dam foundation, such as civil engineering, foundation engineering, construction, geotechnical, etc. In addition, The purpose of all specialized cement grouting technology projects is to increase ground improvement and ground stability. Cement grout pump machines are actually a wide range of production grout pumps that pump more than three-cylinder pumps and high-speed mixers and mixers, covering the professional contractor's garment requirements.


The pump advanced structure, rated output pressure, displacement, high efficiency, easy to move, easy to use and maintain;

Fully functional, that is to say that single-component slurry can also be injected into the two-component slurry; whether chemical injection can also be injected into the cement and other slurry; cylinder at the same time, mixing ratio adjustable, mixing evenly; Emulsion pump, hydraulic pump for other occasions;

Good safety, safe use in flammable, explosive, temperature and humidity changes in larger places;

According to the different needs of customers to adjust the parameters. To meet the different media pressure, flow and different special requirements;

Large output flow, to meet the high-intensity injection facilities.

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