Colloidal grout mixers use high-speed impellers to create shear vortices. Vortices in the mixing chamber quickly assimilate the solids into the high shear mill, resulting in very fast batch times. Also, since mixing occurs throughout the weighing cycle, the actual mixing cycle time is minimized.

Low working height, easy loading of cement bags, colloidal mixer with mixing device, can quickly and effectively mix various types of cement, including cement, superfine cement, bentonite and other additives.

Agitators provide a large capacity to allow continuous pumping of grout. Make sure the contents of the mixture are sufficient to prevent the grout pump from drying out. Grouting mixers can release any bubbles that may have better results during the mixing process.

Blenders with agitators are internationally recognized as the most efficient way to mix cementitious slurries and other materials. Colloidal mixing results in a very stable mixture against bleeding and water contamination. Colloidal mixer with agitator for the sale of fast-mixing pure cement slurries with a water / cement ratio as low as 0.36: 1 and no additives. The proportion of plasticizers or superplasticizers added may be lower.

Lead-acid gel mixers are very effective in mixing bentonites with other clay products. The mixing process accelerates hydration and produces a more stable, homogeneous product. For more information on selling colloidal grout mixers.

Colloidal mixer with agitator for sale

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