The grout cement plant for tunnel boring machine combines the latest technology of glue grouting and has a compact design. Water and solid materials are stirred at high speeds with a rotation speed of up to 1500 RPM to prevent solidification and achieve complete wetting of the particles. The high shear of the colloidal slurry unit greatly reduces the mixing time and enhances the sensing function through a unique bridge disconnect device. Compared with paddle mixers, these high-shear colloidal mixers can increase the apparent fluidity of the mud mixture by 20%, and make the slurry uniform, which is an important advantage for controlling the erosion of dams, rocks and soil. The cement grout plant for tunnel boring machine is mainly used in ground and underground construction such as tunnel boring, drilling, mining, municipal administration, and road repair.

Grout cement plant for tunnel boring machine also has the following advantages: First, the colloidal slurry system is easy to operate and maintain. Second, the grouting pressure and displacement of the cement grout plant for TBM are adjustable. Third, the particle size can reach 5mm, suitable for various projects.


The grout cement plant for tunnel boring machine has following advantages:

1. continuous output with small pulse or kicks or jerks

2. grouting pressure and flow both could be adjust step-less.

3. high speed vortex mixers ensure mixing evenly and quickly.

4. grout mixer and agitator switch by using squeeze handle, easy to operate, safe and reliable.

5. the motors with overload protection function,

6. the hydraulic system is with oil temperature overheating protection.

7. les spare parts make sure the machine with low maintenance costs.

GGP200/300/100PI-D is a tunnel boring machine used grout cement plant newly designed by our company. The agitator and grout grouting pump are in a base frame. The mixer, agitator and pump are installed on a single skid (can be transported by pickup truck) for quick installation and immediate operation.


Grout cement plant for tunnel boring machine could be matched with other machines, and doing the micro-tunneling grouting jobs. grout cement plant for tunnel boring machine has delivered some grout plant to the world famous tunnel builders, and help do the most significant ground anchoring, soil nailing, micro-piling, and post-tensioning grouting jobs. 

Save time and labor costs while ensuring the best grouting results. We have equipment designed specifically for grouting projects. Operator controls are centrally located for efficient production. Heavy duty, high volume colloidal mixing grout plants will help the contractor brings many benefits. If you want to benefit from faster, more efficient grouting and better results or just want more information about our grouting equipment, send us an email today! For more information about the grout cement plant for tunnel boring machine, please contact us.

Grout cement plant for tunnel boring machine

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