Gaodetec is your most advanced global partner for mixing and injection molding technology. Where construction sites, rock, anchorage or tunnel structures need to be reinforced or sealed, our high pressure grouting pumps will be working.

Gaodetec Grouting Pumps, mixing and injection technologies provide solutions for pipe injection, soil mixing procedures, and injection screens. In order to select the appropriate high-pressure grouting pump, the following should be considered:

High-pressure grouting pump should cope with the geological conditions of the formation to be built. At the complex level, fully consider the capacity of grouting pump;

The choice of high-pressure grouting pump should be consistent with the construction depth. For the depth of operation, should use high-power high-pressure water injection pump;

High-pressure grouting pump should be compatible with high-pressure spraying process at work site. In the jet grouting construction site, should be based on their job skills to choose.

When budget and engineers are available, consider using a high-pressure grouting pump.

On the basis of continuous technological innovation, the design of grouting pumping station has reached the international standard. By the customer's recognition and trust. Gaodetec is a grouting pump plant with ISO and SGS reports. Service is the company's promise. Technical support, regular risk exclusion, the first time for your problem to provide a caring solution. Gaodetec is a high pressure grouting pump factory and some engineers in this field for over 20 years.

High pressure grouting pump factory

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