The grout pump station uses compressed oil or compressed air as the power source, and the cylinder or the cylinder and the grouting cylinder have a large ratio of the working area, so that the cylinder can generate a high injection pressure with a small pressure. The grouting pumps is divided into a piston grouting pumps and a plunger grouting pumps according to different principles. Among them, the plunger type is divided into a horizontal bar type and a double cylinder type, and different types of equipment are suitable for different production environments.


Grout pump station is widely used in railways, highways and hydraulics, tunnels, mines, underground buildings, bridges, dams, airport construction, and high-rise building infrastructure projects. There are many engineering cases that have been successfully applied by grouting at home and abroad. The completed Qingnian Undersea Tunnel and the underwater tunnel of a large river in China use grouting method to uniform the water and bad stratum encountered by submarine or river bottom construction. Grouting is an essential part of building tunnels and dam foundation seepage prevention. Auxiliary method.

1. Application in tunnel engineering

(1) In the excavation of the mine method tunnel, the water-rich section and the fractured rock layer are grouted, and water blocking and reinforcement are carried out.

(2) Backfill grouting of tunnel vaults to prevent surface settlement

(3) Forming a water stop protection sleeve in the ground integration technology of the tunnel

(4) Synchronous grouting and secondary grouting for controlled settlement in shield tunnel construction.


2. Dam foundation anti-seepage grouting

(1) Reinforcement of various tower foundations

(2) Fault fracture zone and soft muddy interlayer treatment in bedrock

(3) Crack reinforcement treatment of concrete buildings

(4) Foundation reinforcement and prevention of settlement of tall buildings

(5) Deep foundation pit excavation prevents base rebound, anti-seepage reinforcement on the outside of retaining wall; prevents settlement of adjacent structures

(6) Slope stability reinforcement

(7) Bridges and road foundations: roadbed stabilization of roads, railways, and airport roadways

(8) Underground continuous wall joint anti-seepage and water stop

(9) Seepage prevention and reinforcement of underground works.

Grout pump station used in tunnels and dams

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