Gaodetec has more than 20 years of experience in the mechanical equipment industry, which can better explain and design customers and machinery. Below I will focus on our new products: the new hose pump type grout pump station. The new hose pump type grouting pump station is a grouting pump station integrating pulping machine, mixing drum and hose squeeze grout pump.


The pulping machine adopts the principle of vortex pulping, and the strong eddy current formed in the barrel enables the dry powder and the like to be uniformly and uniformly mixed with water. The mixed slurry is then transferred to a mixing tank.The hose squeeze grout pump is composed of a roller, a wheel frame, a squeeze hose, a reset guide wheel, a pump body, a transmission device and the like. The rotating wheel frame drives the roller to crush the rubber tube mounted on the inner wall of the pump body, and squeezes and presses the mortar in the tube. The squeezed hose is restored by its own elasticity and the reset guide wheel, so that the inside of the hose is partially vacuumed and a new mortar is sucked in. Recirculating to achieve continuous pulping and grouting operations.



1. Compact size, the pulping machine, the mixing drum and the hose squeeze grout pump, and the power source are combined in a basic frame;

2. The grouting displacement can be adjusted;

3, the use of hose squeeze grout pump, less wearing parts, easy operation and maintenance;

4. The butterfly valve is connected to the pulping machine and the mixing drum; it can be switched flexibly;

5, electrical components using imported brands, safe and reliable;

6, high-power high-speed eddy current pulping, pulping speed, pulping uniform;

7. Simple operation and maintenance.


The new hose pump type grouting pump station can not only pump high-concentration and high-viscosity materials such as mortar, cement slurry and pulp, but also can be sprayed with air compressors and spray guns.  Hose squeeze grout pump is ideal for grouting in mine shaft, iron road tunnel, hydropower project, rock slope, underground engineering, subway and municipal construction, as well as blast furnace spray repair and building wall spraying in steel and chemical industry. device.

New hose pump type grouting pump station

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