What are the performance characteristics of the double hydraulic grouting pump and the precautions for the grouting operation? The double hydraulic grouting pump is suitable for single liquid grouting and double liquid grouting. The double hydraulic grouting pump not only has a simple structure, reliable operation, and higher pumping pressure; and the grouting cylinder is more wear-resistant and has a longer service life, and can also inject and transport the viscosity slurry. The double hydraulic grouting pump is mainly used in tunnel excavation and maintenance, road, bridge, dam, mine construction and high-rise building basic treatment engineering and various grouting construction projects.

Double hydraulic grouting pump performance characteristics

1. The double hydraulic grouting pump is a professional grouting equipment, which can realize single liquid grouting and double liquid grouting.

2, due to the use of full hydraulic, small size, light weight, suitable for a wide range of construction.

3. The adjustable performance is better: the pressure displacement of the pump can be arbitrarily set within the design range. When the pressure exceeds the allowable pressure, the relief valve will automatically open, and the cylinder and cylinder will stop working, which will play a safety role. .

4. In the inflammable and explosive construction sites such as coal mines, the series of hydraulic grouting pumps use explosion-proof motors, which can also be used safely.

5. An anti-seismic pressure gauge is provided in the hydraulic system to accurately reflect the working state of the grouting pump.

6. Double hydraulic grouting pumps can also be used as clean water pumps, sewage pumps and mud pumps.

Double hydraulic grouting pump grouting operation precautions

1. The grouting pump should be placed in a horizontal position as far as possible to avoid twisting and discounting of the oil pipe and the suction pipe. The suction pipe should be shortened as much as possible, and the vertical distance should not exceed one meter.

2. Regularly check the fuel tank filter and oil filter, clean it, and replace the hydraulic oil regularly. It is recommended to replace the hydraulic oil once a month or so. In the summer, the hydraulic oil No. 46 is used, and in the winter, the hydraulic oil No. 32 is used, and the hydraulic oil is changed by about 45 kg each time.

3. The workplace should have sufficient water to facilitate work.

4. Regularly check the hydraulic joints of the grouting pump and do not loosen them.

5, construction operators must have a certain experience of grouting, in order to ensure smooth construction operations.

6. The electric control box, motor and electrical appliances of the grouting pump should be kept clean and dry, and the wires of the above components should be checked frequently to prevent damage.

7. When carrying the grouting pump, do not have big bumps, and do not hit the parts of the machine at will.

Characteristics of the double hydraulic grout pump

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