Manual Grouting Pump can be manually? As a pump grouting equipment can be manually operated? Many people who do not know manual grouting pump may encounter the above two problems. This article will take you into the manual grouting pump, into the world of manual grouting pump.

Manual grouting pump supplier Philippines, referred to as manual grouting pump, is an essential tool for chemical grouting waterproof plugging. The new grouting pump with small size, light weight, no electricity, simple structure, flexible operation, reliable performance, easy cleaning and so on. It can be used in a wide range of single-component chemical grouting applications and can quickly block buildings in dozens of minutes.

The distance that an engine piston travels from one extreme position to another is called travel, also known as travel. The length of the stroke is directly related to the piston speed of the engine. As the stroke becomes larger, the piston speed also increases and the mechanical loss increases. This directly limits the maximum speed of the engine. Piston movement average formula: travel * 2 * speed. The average engine piston speed will not exceed 20m/s, regardless of engine displacement or operating speed range.

For a small amount of grouting, work space is small, no power conditions. Philippines grouting pump suppliers are mainly used in underground engineering repair plugging, such as: expansion joints, deformation joints, construction joints, leaks, chemical grouting pit, the purpose of the elevator waterproof plugging.

GHG-10 manual injection pump is a hand-cranked small piston injection pump.

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Manual Grouting Pump Supplier

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