Colloidal grouting pump with mixer for sale is a complete set device for mixing and grout injection.Colloidal grouting pump with mixer for sale consists of an agitator tank, a mixing tank, and a high-pressure hydraulic grout pump. Colloidal grouting pump with mixer for sale is used to produce cement slurries and then grouted under high pressure. Bentonite mixing plants have the advantages of simple structure, reliable working performance, high grout injection efficiency and high pump pressure. The grout output can be adjusted continuously and the maximum value can be adjusted. The working pressure can also be adjusted continuously.


Colloidal grouting pump with mixer for sale has the following features:

1. Grout pressure and displacement can be adjusted steplessly

2. Vertical pump body, small size, light weight, easy maintenance

3. Grout pump discharges continuously, pulse is small

4. Fewer worn parts and low maintenance costs

5. High-speed vortex pulping, uniform pulping, high-speed by pulper

6. The squeeze handle is used to switch between pulp making machine and mixer, it is safe, reliable and easy to operate.

7. The motor has an overload protection function. The hydraulic system has an oil temperature overheat protection function

8. In high speed mode and low speed mode, you can switch between the two functions with a ball valve.


Colloidal grouting pump with mixer for sale has the following advantages:

1. The inner wall of the working cylinder is specially electroplated.

2. Hydraulic parts that are well known at home and abroad.

3. The box body is made of thick steel plate, which is highly reliable and has a long service life.

4. Overall stamping structure at the bottom of the storage tank.

5. Special welding process.

6. The electrical control box is made of thicker steel plate and standard Schneider electric components.

7. Standard seal that guarantees excellent seal quality.

8. Painted after sandblasting, it looks beautiful.


Colloidal grouting pump with mixer for sale applications:

1. Civil engineering-dams, tunnels, subways, mines, dirt nail walls, curtains, anchors, cable trenches, anchor cable grouts.

2. Building Structure — Repairing buildings and bridges, reinforcing foundations, supporting slopes, compacting soil, grouting rock.

3. Marine Engineering-Grout injection and reinforcement of underwater foundations, water platforms, and coastal foundations.

4. Mine applications-road reinforcement, backfilling, waterproof grout.

5. Can be used to support grout equipment after pipe jack machine.

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Colloidal grouting pump with mixer for sale

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