In the course of the peristaltic pump selection, the following aspects are mainly considered.

1. Fully understand the media situation. Different media, pH value is different, corrosive is different. Select the appropriate hose and nozzle cannula according to the chemical performance control.

2. Understand the operation of the peristaltic pump. Peristaltic pump has intermittent operation and continuous operation of the points, run for one hour to stop more than one hour is intermittent operation, running for one hour to stop for one hour or less belong to continuous operation. Rubber hose continuous operation will accelerate fatigue, so running time can help us understand the life of the hose or have the opportunity to choose a smaller pump type.

3. Consider the medium temperature. Operating under high temperature conditions will accelerate the fatigue and aging of the hose. With the increase of temperature, the speed of the hose pump to reduce, so in the process of selection of peristaltic pump, different materials, the temperature limit of the hose is also one of the factors considered, Table 1 shows the different materials of the hose Temperature limit.

4. According to the flow rate of peristaltic pump selection. The flow rate of the peristaltic pump depends on the capacity of the hose, the rotational speed of the pump, and the operating environment. Of course, the same flow we can choose several types of pump, so we have to consider some of the user's factors, such as the initial investment and long-term operating costs between the relationship.

5. Stress and flow to the customer and the actual situation exactly match. Flow can set the speed of the pump rotation, according to customer needs to set the pump pressure (up to 16bar), then select the pump type, determine the net power, installed power.

6. The length of the inlet and outlet pipes, the viscosity of the liquid. This information determines the driving force and friction loss, but also can use this information to determine whether the need for auxiliary vacuum device, so the impact of the selection of the pump.

7. Material of the nozzle joint. Usually use the sanitary grade 316 stainless steel, can also provide PP, PVDF. Flange standard DN16, ANSI, JIS.

Selection of peristaltic pump

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