Gaodetec grouting plants are advanced grout mixing and pumping systems. The colloidal grouting plant uses modular design principles, focusing on ease of use and scalability. We built the perfect grout mixing equipment.

Colloidal mud mixing and pumping systems produce high yields while maintaining a low carbon footprint. The grouting equipment can be trailer or skid mounted and constructed for the following applications:

Jet grouting

Soil mixing

Tunneling, two-component annular backfill grouting

Infiltration grouting

Bentonite mixed

Paste backfill

Cement pile factory

The GGP300 / 300/75 PI E grout unit uses a rectangular stirrer, making the unit compact and small. Vertical grouting pump hydraulic reversing hydraulic drive. Has been successfully applied to Vietnam customer Grouting Project construction site. For more information, please email us.

Colloidal grout plant for backfill grouting

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