Gaodetec equipment focuses on grouting station for sale. The best price China grouting station for sale with different mixer capacities, stirrer capacities and pump pressures are available. Our ,best price China grouting station are widely used for backfilling tunnel projects.


Best price China grouting station for sale includes a colloidal grout mixer, grout stirrer and grout pump. Placing the mixer agitator and pump all in one base frame can result in continuous mixing and grout projects. This is required for grout projects such as tunneling projects.


Drilling with TBM means installing precast concrete segments to form a tunnel, leaving an annular gap between these segments and the ground. Filling this ring is a very important requirement as it ensures uniform contact with the ground, transfers loads from the TBM backup and also helps waterproof the tunnel.

Two-component infusion backfilling is prepared by mixing a blend of water / cement, bentonite, and retarder (component A) with the accelerator (component B). These are mixed just before ingredient A is injected through the tailskin and change from a creamy liquid to a gel in about 10-20 seconds. The final mixture has a compressive strength comparable to that of the surrounding ground and can fill all gaps and voids before it hardens and hardens.

GGP400 / 700/80PL-E best price China grouting station is specially designed for backfilling. The capacity of the high shear grout mixer is 400L and the capacity of the stirrer is 700L. There are two stages of pressure: low pressure and high pressure. On the stage, the pressure is 0 to 25 bar and the grout flow rate is 0 to 80 L / min, and on the high pressure stage, the pressure is 45 bar and the flow rate is 0 to 58 L / min.

The best price China grouting station for sale has the following advantages:

1. Continuous output with small pulses or kicks or jerks.

2. Both grout injection pressure and flow rate can be adjusted steplessly.

3. High-speed vortex mixer allows uniform and quick mixing.

4. Grout mixer and agitator switch with squeeze handle. Easy to operate, safe and reliable.

5. Motor with overload protection function.

6. The hydraulic system is equipped with oil temperature overheat protection.

7. Make sure the spare parts are machines with low maintenance costs.


The capacity of the best price China grouting station should be related to the expected grout intake. Grout mixer capacity, grout stirrer capacity, grout pump flow rate and pressure. Also, the power of the mixed grout plant. The best price China grouting station for sale can be electric motors, diesel engines, and pneumatic motors. It is based on the power supply at the work site.

Best price China grouting station for sale

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